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Internet Banking


Fast, easy, and convenient; GTSB's Internet Banking is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Check account balances, make loan payments, and/or transfer from one account to another from the comfort of your own home. 


Bill Pay


Save on checks, envelopes, postage, and most of all time with GTSB's Online Bill Pay Service.

It costs the average consumer about $0.68 to manually pay a single bill.

Here's a breakdown of the potential cost...

Checks - $0.17 each (for the cheapest bank issue checks)
Envelopes - $0.05 (average for a standard #10 self-sealing safety envelope)
Postage - $0.46 each (for standard delivery) If you pay 10 bills per month that is a cost of $6.80 every month.

If you pay 15 bills, that is $10.20 every month. On top of the hard costs, let's not forget to figure in the value of your time spent in writing out all of your checks and envelopes and sending all of your payments.

The average consumer can save up to $3.25 every month, as well as valuable time by switching to GTSB online BillPay. GTSB's Online Bill Pay is available through our Internet Banking site.

Never hassle with sending a check through the mail again. With GTSB's Online Bill Pay service you can pay all of your bills, generate checks to individuals, and even send a check with a personalized greeting for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with the push of a button 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Debit and ATM Cards


A GTSB ATM and Debit cards can be used to obtain cash out of your checking and/or savings account from millions of ATM locations worldwide.  A GTSB SHAZAMChek Debit card may also be used to make purchases over the phone, online, and at point-of-sale locations around the globe.  Funds are taken directly out of your checking account, saving you the hassle of writing a check or the unexpected monthly bill. 

Credit Cards


We offer competitive rates and benefit programs with Visa's Elan credit card. Just come in and complete an application today or apply online. 

Safe Deposit Boxes


GTSB Safe Deposit Boxes are an inexpensive way to protect your valuables.  Safe deposit boxes are available for lease at all 4 GTSB locations.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to better suit your individual needs.


Savings Bonds


Savings bonds make wonderful gifts. Series EE & I bonds are no longer available at our branch locations; however they may be purchased at We are still able to "Cash in" savings bonds.


Wire Transfers


GTSB offers wire transfer services, both domestic and international, as a service to our customers.  Wire transfers are a great way to receive and send guaranteed funds directly and in a timely manner.


Night Depository


Can’t make it to the bank during normal banking hours?   Try our Night Deposit option.  Available at each of our 4 locations and at our offsite ATM Kiosk located at 4th & Walnut in Breese.


Title & Licenses


GTSB offers full license & title service at all 4 of our GTSB locations.


Illinois Registration Renewal


Save yourself the time, hassle, and uncertainty of mailing off your registration renewal to the Secretary of State. GTSB offers over the counter sticker sales at all 4 of our GTSB locations. We have the ability to issue most types and classes of registration renewals over the counter.


Merchant Credit Card Program


Does your business have a need to take payment processing to the next level?  Let GTSB take you there with Elavon's credit/debit card acceptance program.  No matter what your business - retail, restaurant, health care, service, mail order, e-commerce - we have the solutions you need to optimize your payment processing.  Inquire at any of our 4 GTSB locations today.


Utility Payments


Ameren & Charter Instantaneous payment center. Need to make a payment to Ameren or Charter today? Visit our Breese location to make "Same Day" payments to both Ameren and Charter.

Village of Beckemeyer Payment Center.  Need to make a payment to the Village of Beckemeyer Utilities Dept. today?  Visit our Beckemeyer location to make "Same Day" payments to the Village of Beckemeyer.