Letter from President

Having spent the majority of the past 4 months in or near our homes, we’ve all been given the chance to sit back and truly enjoy them.  On the other hand, for some, it may have been a time of realization.  My home is too big/small.  My home needs to be updated.  I prefer to be in the country/town.  It’s just time for a change.

Whatever your reasoning may be, whether you’re purchasing your first home, looking to remodel your existing home, looking to upsize or downsize, or simply wanting to make a change, we offer a variety of mortgage loan options to help you make your realization, reality.  We offer:

Conventional loans with one, three, five, or ten year terms.

Fixed-rate mortgages with fifteen, twenty, or thirty year terms.

Please contact one of our experienced loan officers for more information regarding your mortgage options.  There is nothing quite like the pride of home ownership, especially when knowing you have a mortgage that best suits your current financial situation.


Another point of pride, opening the first Checking Account.  If you have, or are, a student with a summer job, now is the perfect time to open a checking account and be introduced to the banking process.  Opening an account now will allow plenty of time to become familiar with the process of keeping a ledger, balancing, using a debit card, and being responsible for maintaining an account in good-standing before heading off to college.  Contact any of our branch locations for more information and to start the account opening process.

Whether you are opening or applying for your first account/loan with us, or you are adding to your existing portfolio, Thank You for placing your trust with Germantown Trust & Savings Bank.

Stay healthy, stay positive, and God bless!


Dale G Deiters