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Did you know that you can set alerts in GTSB Online Banking?

GTSB’s Online Banking platform offers a multitude of alerts ranging from security events to balance checks.  Alerts can be set at the platform level, triggered from GTSB Online Banking events, or at the account level, triggered from account level events.

Alerts can be sent to you in the form of text or email and can be turned on/off as you please.  You can use as many or as few as you like, with several being customizable. 

Utilizing the tools available to you is key to keeping your accounts safe and in good standing. 

Letter from the President

Goodbye 2020!  I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year full of unexpected happenings and uncertainty; the scenes of which played out more like a bad movie than real life.  Every aspect of our lives was either put on hold and/or flipped upside down.  With loved ones were lost, businesses shuddered, jobs in limbo, and savings depleted, many were left to wonder when or how things would ever return to the way they were.  That said, 2020 was not all bad.  We saw communities come together to support local businesses.  We saw families, whose calendars are typically jam packed, have time to sit down and enjoy dinner together rather than on the go and/or apart.  We simply slowed down.

At GTSB, we continued to do our best to support and serve through these uncertain times.

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