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Want to save money on “foreign” ATM transactions?

We’ve all found ourselves out of town and out of cash. The first thing we do, is look for an ATM. Knowing, that any ATM that is not GTSB affiliated is considered a “foreign” ATM, and our transactions are subject to both surcharges and foreign ATM fees. Then, we cringe at the thought of paying $4, $5, $6, or even more in ATM fees! BUT…Did you know, that as a service to our ATM and Debit Card customers, GTSB has subscribed to SHAZAM’s Privileged Status® program? With SHAZAM’s Privileged Status® program, GTSB can offer our customers access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs throughout the country! (Foreign ATM fees will still apply) Privileged Status ATMs are easy to find using SHAZAM’s Privileged Status ATM locator.

Letter from the President

We all start a new year with good intentions. We “resolve” to do better for ourselves. Whether our resolution is to remove unwanted stress or pounds or to increase family time or retirement savings, we all know that “this year” is going to be the year we succeed!

Now that we’ve had a few months to work on ourselves, our calendars, and/or our finances, let’s take a little time during the month of March to check our progress; hold ourselves accountable.

If increasing your retirement savings was one of your resolutions, let us help you start and stay on track. Ask yourself, “Are there any areas in which I could trim expenses and reallocate that money to a retirement account?” Keep in mind, even the smallest amount is better than nothing! Found a few extra dollars each month? Contact us to set up an automatic transfer contribution to your IRA account. Instant accountability. Don’t have an existing IRA account, no worries. Visit any one of our 4 locations, and let our staff assist you in making retirement a possibility!

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