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Do you know where your children are?

Presumed Ideal Response: “At home, safe and sound in the comforts of their own room.” – Knowing our children are home and under the same roof as us, gives us a sense of security not always found when they are out and about with friends and family. We see them.  We know what they are doing.  We can control the environment they are in.  We think we have it under control, but is this sense of security misguided and/or a state of illusion?  Do we really know what they are doing and with whom?  Are our children truly as safe as we think they are at home?

With the inception of the internet and the numerous social/gaming platforms it facilitates, we as parents need to reassess our thoughts on “Safety”. Simply knowing they are home no longer means “Safe”, as from their little 15×15 Wi-Fi enabled space, they now have access to the entire world!

Letter from the President

Happy Fall everyone! Fall brings so many wonderful things…cooler temperatures, beautiful scenery, high school sports, and for many of us, hunting. 

Fall is a great time to look around your house to see what needs to be fixed or improved. In addition to home purchase and construction loans, we also offer home equity loans to help pay for those improvements you’ve been thinking about. Our loan officers will work with you to make sure the terms fit your lifestyle and budget. It’s one of the many advantages of working with a hometown community bank.  As our lending decisions are made locally, we are able to accommodate a variety of situations.

 Fall is also a great time to start thinking about the holidays.  If you opened a Christmas club account last fall, you can expect to receive your check in the mail toward the end of this month.  New accounts for 2020 can be opened after October 25th.  Christmas clubs are a great way to save all year for those holiday expenses that can otherwise be overwhelming.

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