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♫ “On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…SCAMS!?” ♫

Well, not really.  I’m sure the gift they’ve picked will be perfect, but if they weren’t careful during their holiday shopping, they may fall victim to holiday scams themselves.

Unfortunately, just as we start prepping for the holidays, so do the scammers!  While we’re busy buying online, they’re busy creating look-alike websites.  While we’re anxiously awaiting that last package guaranteed to be delivered by noon on Dec. 24th, they’re creating phony shipping notifications promising an update.  While we’re feeling generous and ready to donate the money we’ve collected as a family all year, they’re busy creating the perfect phony charity guaranteed to line their own pockets!

Letter from the President

The holidays are a crazy time of year!  Between the Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas shopping and gatherings, and the New Year celebrations, the hustle and bustle seems never ending.  While we all try our best to keep our spirits “Merry & Bright”, our patience is often tested and stress levels quickly rise above the norm.  Unfortunately, the stress of the holidays is often intensified by financial concerns.  The parties, presents, and travel all add up far too quickly.  A great way to relieve some of the “all expense at once” stress of the Holidays is to save year round.  If you’ve never taken advantage of our Christmas Club account, or you’ve simply forgotten about it this year, it is not too late to start one for 2023.  It’s quite simple really.  You make routine deposits (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) of $5, $10, $15, $20, or whatever you can afford throughout the year.  In Mid-October of the following year, we send you your deposited funds plus interest.  Just like that, the holiday expenses become a bit more affordable.

The holidays are also a great time for me to remind everyone about shopping safety.  Always be aware of your surroundings, paying particular attention to anyone who is too interested in the manner in which you are paying for your purchases.  Be vigilant about maintaining the security of your PIN.  Always try to block the keypad as you enter your PIN.  If you feel uncertain about entering your PIN, a debit card can also be processed as a signature based transaction.  Simply select credit rather than debit when selecting your payment option.  The debit will still come directly from your checking account.  In addition, enrolling in our online banking, mobile banking, and/or Shazam Brella products can give added security and control.

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