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Welcome to Germantown Trust & Savings Bank.  

For over 100 years, residents from our community have relied on the safety and soundness of Germantown Trust & Savings Bank for their financial needs.  For all those who bank with us, we appreciate your trust.  For those who are looking for a community bank, please allow us the opportunity to provide you the attention and banking service you deserve. 

Tips, Trends and Tidbits

9 Tips: Teaching College Students about Money!

Sending a child off to college can be a bit overwhelming.  Parents are faced with many uncertainties from finding and furnishing proper housing on or near campus to entrusting their child with everyday responsibilities that once fell on them.  That said, an underlying factor to many of these uncertainties, is often times finances.  In addition to worrying about paying for college and all that it entails, parents are left to worry about how their child is going to handle "being on their own financially"?  Are they going to make wise spending choices or fall into bad habits of living outside their means?  Talking to your child about money, and teaching them about financial responsibility at an early age can help ease some of these worries. 

Click HERE for tips on how to lead your child down the path to financial responsibility.

Letter from the President

Ahhh…the lazy days of summer!  Now that we’ve completed the frantic end of school events and activities, we can all take a deep breath and enjoy the slower pace of summer. If you are planning a vacation this summer, I would like to remind everyone of a few safety tips that could alleviate possible financial difficulties during your trip:

  • - Prior to leaving, contact your financial institutions with your travel destination and any locations where you may be using your debit card.  This will prevent denials due to unfamiliar location, which will often lead to a temporary block on your card.  Also, make sure your financial institution has the best possible contact number for you.

  • - Download the GTSB Mobile App.  Have 24/7 access to account balances, transfer options, and online Bill Pay.

  • - Always be aware of your surroundings, especially anyone paying a bit too much attention at an ATM or checkout line as you enter your PIN.  If you feel uncomfortable entering your PIN, remember that Debit card transactions can always be processed as credit transactions which would eliminate PIN entry but require your signature. The transaction will still be deducted from your checking account as if you had entered your PIN.

  • - Keep a copy of the front and back of all credit and debit cards with a contact person at home as well as with you.  This way if your cards are lost or stolen, you have both account and contact numbers.

One more financial consideration for the summer, if you have a student with a summer job, now is the perfect time to open an account for them and introduce them to the banking process.  Give them time before they leave for college to familiarize themselves with the process of balancing a checkbook, using a debit card and online banking, and being responsible for a transaction account.  Let them start building a strong financial foundation and credit history.

Lastly, don’t forget Dad on June 18th.  I would like to wish all Dad’s a blessed and enjoyable Father’s Day.


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