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Keep Yourself Safe from Skimmers with These 5 Simple Steps.

ATM skimming, is a type of fraud that occurs when an ATM is compromised due to a “skimming” device being installed over the existing card reader of an ATM.  Skimming devices are often very hard to spot, as they are designed to look just like the authentic card reader.  Once installed on an ATM, the device records the card number and PIN code for every person who uses that ATM while the skimmer is installed.  Customers are often completely unaware they’ve been skimmed, as there is no disruption to the functionality of the ATM.  In addition, criminals are also known to add similar devices to credit or debit card readers at checkout registers, especially at gas stations, convenience stores or other merchants where customers may be in a hurry and not notice or take the time to report something suspicious.

Letter from the President

As we continue to adapt to what seems like weekly (sometimes daily) modifications to the COVID-19 guidelines, restrictions, and schedule changes, we can’t help but wonder when things will return to normal, or in the least remain a bit consistent.

Our daily lives were, and continue to be, flipped upside down by something we never expected…a virus.  Something that the typical household probably never thought possible, let alone thought to prepare for.  That said, how exactly do we prepare for such an unprecedented sequence of events?  While we’ve quickly come to realize that some things are hard and/or nearly impossible to prepare for, there are a few that are a bit more straight forward.  One thing that comes to mind is preparing for the temporary loss and/or decrease in household income.  Putting a preparedness plan in place is relatively simple.  That said, it is the execution that tends to be a bit tricky.

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