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Germantown Trust & Savings Bank

Welcome to Germantown Trust & Savings Bank.  

For over 100 years, residents from our community have relied on the safety and soundness of Germantown Trust & Savings Bank for their financial needs.  For all those who bank with us, we appreciate your trust.  For those who are looking for a community bank, please allow us the opportunity to provide you the attention and banking service you deserve. 

Tips, Trends and Tidbits

GTSB celebrated Community Bank Week from April 4 - April 9, 2016 by  supporting local businesses and awarding gift certificates to customers through lobby raffles.

Pictured above, is Deb Delano of Germantown.  Deb's name was drawn at our Germantown location to receive one of 96 gift certificates purchased by GTSB from local business customers to be handed out through lobby drawings at our 4 locations. 

Congratulations Deb!   Enjoy "shopping local"!


Letter from the President

It seems as though Spring has finally arrived!  We are starting to see the colors of spring come alive.  More people are outside.  Children and families are playing in their yards and riding their bikes.  The farmers are in the fields and, in turn, on the roads.  As everyone starts to enjoy the warmer weather and outdoor activities that come with the season, we would like to take the time to offer this little reminder.  "Please, pay a little extra attention to your surroundings when driving".  Watch for children, watch for toys that fly out into the road, watch for tractors and/or implements. A little extra awareness is a small sacrifice to help keep everyone safe, including yourself. 

Now is also an excellent time for young adults to work on their financial literacy.  Open a checking account. Obtain a debit or credit card.  Learn how to budget money and prioritize spending and saving.  Learn how to responsibly manage a checking account. Take the time to learn about cyber security, and how a lack of it can negatively affect their lives. Today's young adults have grown up in a time of reduced privacy.  They often times do not realize the ramifications of sharing information with the wrong person.  Now is the time to start asking questions of your parents, siblings, and your banker. 

Looking ahead to May, we see graduations, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day.  As we celebrate these special occasions, please remember to celebrate safely.


Dale G Deiters

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