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Protect your college student from scams!

As our young adults prepare to head off to college, we as parents can’t help but ask ourselves all the typical questions…

Do they have everything they need?

Have I properly prepared them to be out on their own?

Will they make the right choices without my presence?

These and hundreds of other questions play over in the minds of so many this time of year; however, the one thought that may never come to mind…”Have I prepared them to recognize when they are being scammed?”

We’d hope this is something they never have to face; however, in today’s world, scammers are working overtime to hustle their next unsuspecting victim out of anything they can.  Although we can’t even begin to imagine how these scammers will try to defraud us next, we can make our kids aware of what the current trends are and try to teach them what to look for in general.

In the blog posts below, Mike outlines some of the most common scams college students face today.

Part 1 addresses fake scholarship sweepstakes, application fee scholarships, and student tax scams.

Part 2 addresses several social media scams, including money saving apps, card cracking, and car wrap scams.