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Do you know where your children are?

Presumed Ideal Response: “At home, safe and sound in the comforts of their own room.” – Knowing our children are home and under the same roof as us, gives us a sense of security not always found when they are out and about with friends and family. We see them.  We know what they are doing.  We can control the environment they are in.  We think we have it under control, but is this sense of security misguided and/or a state of illusion?  Do we really know what they are doing and with whom?  Are our children truly as safe as we think they are at home?

With the inception of the internet and the numerous social/gaming platforms it facilitates, we as parents need to reassess our thoughts on “Safety”. Simply knowing they are home no longer means “Safe”, as from their little 15×15 Wi-Fi enabled space, they now have access to the entire world!  We need to know (and monitor) what Social Media platforms they are utilizing, the type of information they are sharing, and with whom they have contact.  We need to know which gaming consoles they play “Live” and with whom they are playing/communicating.  We should be up-to-date on which platforms and apps are known to be used by predators to “Target” our children. And maybe most importantly, we need to educate ourselves on the risks of internet and platform use so that we can in turn educate them on the dangers and proper use!

When used properly, the internet and its platforms are a great resource for our children. However, just like with anything else, we need to take the time to access and mitigate the threats, monitor use, and educate.

Click the link below to access a complete guide to potentially dangerous apps your kids could be using and/or requesting to use.

Click the link below to access the United States Department of Justice’s guide to general children’s internet safety.