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Are your correspondence to/from GTSB being delayed?

Something as simple as a canceled or missing PO Box or a forgotten change of address notification can cause unexpected delays in your correspondence with us. When sending payments, deposits, documents, etc. to us, please be sure to use the proper P.O.Box for the location you are trying to reach. These can be found on our “Contact Us” page on our website.

In addition, it is equally as important for us to have up to date address information for you. Whether you are moving, adding/removing a P.O. Box, or going to be residing at a seasonal address, we need to be informed. Bad information on our end can cause issues with not only our correspondence with you but with debit card activity as well.

We ask that when a change of address is made, you either come to one of our 4 locations to make an in person request or you send formal written request via Online Banking, email, or through the mail. We will then follow up with a confirmation letter addressed to both the old and new address for verification.

Proper correspondence with our customers is a high priority for us. We thank you for doing your part to make sure that proper addresses are used to avoid delays.